With so many social networking websites, business owners who have ventured over the Internet would not have an excuse to advertise. Internet marketing has been prevalent not only to small-scale businesses but also to big enterprises. This age has been dependent to technology and mobility, so internet marketing is a must for these companies. Here are some of the social networking websites, and how online marketing can benefit using photo advertisements:

Facebook Timeline

Pictures posted in timelines have to be eye-catching when Facebook users view their homepage. They may have befriended so many account users in Facebook that an online marketing strategy using photos might just slip from targeted market’s attention. For business owners to do this, they must be visually appealing especially when they post pictures of products and services.

Photos and videos posted in Facebook can be shared over and over again. The more interesting and likeable a photo or video is, the more it will be posted in anyone’s timeline for other users to check out. Business Facebook account owners can also ask their friends to comment on photos and videos to increase engagement and online visibility. Whenever possible, they can also try incorporating their services and products if it is a holiday. They can also be visible when a happening strikes that could cause alertness like natural disasters, the elections or worldwide celebrations about raising awareness to the public.


Twitter has been gaining more and more popularity as its users can upload and retweet pictures using different forms of applications for photos like Instagram, Lockerz website and many other bite-sized images. These forms of images, especially bite-sized images are very engaging as they are very easy to share. They can also contain a short quote together with the image that makes it more interesting.

Twitter account owners can also post memes or pictures that would most likely be accompanied by a statement. These pictures would say it all, so make sure that photos in the meme would be compelling enough for users to retweet these over and over again. It will also be a way for users to save it in their Favorites, and because they had a good time looking at it, they might just retweet it all over again. Nothing beats an endorsement done by the public when they remember being inspired or having a good laugh at it.


Pinterest is a website that allows users to pin and re-pin photos of shared interest in their online board. If business owners are going to use this website as means for marketing, it is best to come up with detailed photos of products or services as users sort out their searches to find what they are looking for. It can be for personal use or business as well, so either of these two will benefit business account owners when they pin pictures accordingly.

Infographics can also work for a business owner’s advantage as it details plans or concepts in a graphic form. Bloggers and other social networking sites can make use of the URL to share or re-pin the image or Infographic without fearing that the company logo or originating website will not be embedded within the photo. It will always take back viewers to the owner’s website.

Good quality content on websites is a must. If you have your own website you will notice how internet readers want to see website contents that are in good quality. Creating this will enable you to have higher success in search engine searches and also have a loyal following in return.

Pinpoint who your target market is. How do you do that? Know what your internet readers want to see in your website. Learn what their interests are. Having different posts, how to articles, videos and other contents are useful. Provide them what they can use. Exclusive deals, helpful tips and how-to articles are good ideas for your website too.

As for sales pitches, focus the content on what you can do for your readers. Understand and learn what your target market wants. Take your time in knowing them until you know what will entice them to keep following your website.

Engage your readers

One way to attract and keep your readers interested in your website is to provide them contents that they are interested in. Your website should have information that quickly shows them what you have in your website. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Think of words that your readers would most likely search in Yahoo or Google. Use keywords that they will possibly look for in search engine websites. However, don’t write too many key words and phrases in your articles that will make it nonsensical in the end. Use few well-chosen keywords that emphasize the topic and send signals to your readers when they read the contents.
  • In traditional media, particularly in the newspaper, the most important stories and information are put “above the fold”. This is now also used in online websites. The “fold” is the part of the website where the reader can read on top of the website the new topics then they start scrolling to read the contents. These are like briefings of the contents of the website. The thing is if you don’t grab the attention of your readers, they most likely won’t read the entire contents of your website.
  • Always provide fresh content in your website. The readers will keep coming back for more if you do have good quality contents. Making a good impression for the first time they visit is vital to keep them coming back often.
  • Always have good grammar and proper usage of words. Always write contents that are well-written and professional sounding as it adds greater authority to the owner of the website. Having poor grammar and usage gives a bad tone to your website thus resulting to readers not coming back to visit your website again.
  • Provide shorter paragraphs to make it easier for your readers to read your website contents. Have bulleted or number lists if necessary. Provide subheads as well.
  • Encourage continuous discussions between you and your readers about your contents. Have a comments box underneath each article so your readers can post and comment. Allow them to submit video reviews of your products as well. Remember to moderate the comments and delete spam from your website. Spam can cause problems with search engines like Yahoo and Google. Rank higher in search engines by getting rid of spam in your website and providing good quality contents.
  • Add news values such as impact, timeliness, prominence, proximity, oddity, currency and human interest to your contents. Each should have at least one of these eight news values. In marketing copies, impact is one of the most important news values.

Remember when writing contents, keep in mind on how to make them interesting and relatable. Look for angles that will make the content even more enticing or engaging. Providing good quality contents will attract loyal readers and make them come back for more.

There are so many questions that needed to be addressed when considering earning profits through a home-based business. Talent and superb public-relations skills are only a stepping stone. To measure the effectiveness of a marketing strategy, sales invoice will do the talking. Before the numbers speak, these questions need answers first:

Q: “There are so many websites with the same nature of business as I am in. How can I stand out?”

A: If using the Internet as media for the business, the first concept to focus on is harnessing the excellence of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the study of creating websites that a search engine will display to searchers. There are so many pages of information uploaded in the Internet, and a search engine’s job is to filter which ones would be the most relevant and important based on the topic searched for.

Q: “Does it matter in the filter process that I use common or basic keywords that will appeal more likely to my targeted market? What if I use a word related to my brand name and not on the specific product?”

A: Yes, keywords matter a lot during the filter process, if not the only thing that matter at all. If the product being sold was searched for over the Internet, what could have been the terms or keywords that pop in a customer’s mind about it? Answering that question will allow the seller to predict the likelihood of the product or service that was searched for to be found. Certainly, those searching over the Internet would not have an idea what the brand was, so stick with the market’s preference and not on the brand name.

Q: “What if I have a product or service that I offer cannot resemble or relate to one keyword at all?”

A: It is important that the service or product being sold is not confused with a different thing. Remember that search engines filter each relevant page according to its importance to the item being searched for. If not one keyword describes the service or good specifically, come up with a phrase that particularly describes it. That is the only way your website can compete in the search process.

Q: “My products are often always the same, and so is my website. Should I be concerned about the physical appearance of my website if my sales are still doing well?”

A: Doing “well” can be changed to doing “great”. The website is the primary packaging that customers see when they see the products or services sold online. Updating the website regularly by adding recent good customer feedback, latest pictures of products or even adding a daily quote based on a professional stand-point can keep customers coming back.


Whatever your website is, it is important to have a decent search engine optimization plan. You have to carefully take note of your SEO strategies, link building plans and other social promotions that you are about to do. Of course it still depends on your niche.

If you’re going to work on finance website optimization, you have to do a lot of research and keyword analysis since it is a broad topic. The same holds true if it is about dating and relationships. Dating can be about online dating or local dating. But it can be a combination of both which may focus on local keywords such as Bath dating, Wakefield dating, Oxford dating and many more.

Google keeps changing its algorithm so it is important to be updated. Subscribing to top SEO websites would be a great help since they were able to explain what is really going on online and it can simplify the technical terms. What you can do during those time is to focus on the content of your website. On your dating website, publish articles about popular dating places, helpful dating tips, and how to enjoy evening dates or something like that. As for finance, there are plenty of topics to write about. It can be about the stock market, Forex, latest business news, credit cards and loans and a lot more.

You can do some personal optimization for your website but if we are talking about big campaing here, then you can hire some SEO company to help you with this.

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Part 1: Link Building, Article Marketing
Part 2: Social Media, Content Marketing

Utilizing the power of social media is also another alternative. Since Google is now including links from social media, this can be used to your advantage. The best way to use this is by creating a viral content. Just answer this question “If you stumble upon this online, would you share it on facebook or twitter?” If you can answer this question then you can create a content that has the potential to become viral.

Google is also more inclined to index newer contents than old ones since most people these days are more concern about the latest news or information. This means that you have to make sure that you have updated content waiting to be indexed by Google. Otherwise, you will be left behind. You should also make sure to update old articles in case you stumble upon up to date news.

And perhaps one of the most important trends that you have to keep in mind: Google prefers longer, relevant posts than shorter nonsensical ones. Make sure that you write comprehensive posts. This also increases the authority of the website provided that the post contains valuable information. Though these factors may change in a span of a month or even a week, as of now, Google is programmed to look into these dynamic factors.

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Part 1: Link Building, Article Marketing

When you are working towards driving traffic towards your website then you should learn to utilize SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about figuring out the best keywords to insert in your content which at the same time, people who use the search engine are often typing. Remember, whenever people type something that your website’s content has, the search engine results page will show your website. However, achieving this is not an easy task. Since the trend in search engine optimization varies every now and then, you have to be updated most of the time. By utilizing the internet, you will eventually catch on as long as you do it right.

As of the present, there are a couple of things that you have to keep in mind as you work towards your SEO campaign. The first is knowing how important the title tags and headings of your website. When you are defining a subject, it should be accurate. Avoid vague and broad titles. It should hit the bull’s eye. You should always consider what words are often sought for in search engines while at the same time, considering the relevance of the title to what these people are looking for.

Article marketing is also a strategy that you should develop if you wish to be on top of the SEO strategy. However, due to the negative impact Google’s Panda update causing, article marketing seems to lose its value. Even article marketing sites like Ezinearticles, Squidoo, Hubpages and the like are greatly affected. There is nothing wrong implementing this strategy but do not rely on it too much since it no longer has the same advantage it has before the update.

*Watch out for the second part of this article…

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Search engine optimization is not only shown through content. When you are making websites, the codes should also be SEO-friendly. Here are some tips to score SEO-friendly points for your layout:

1. Make your site navigation HTML based and highly accessible.
2. Stay away from misleading images, instead, optimized the keywords on your menu.
3. Use sitemap for easier navigation.
4. Avoid to deep links. Everything should be accessible in lesser clicks.
5. Make your header clear with the best screen resolution.
6. Add Categories widget on your side bar.
7. Add Tags widget on your side bar.
8. Highlight your best posts on the top most of the page or side bar. Using featured posts plugins or add-ons will really be helpful.
9. Avoid too much clutter on the back end. It also translates to confusing codes for the bots.
10. Always keep a clean but powerful layout.


According to Google Official Blog, they are continuing with the off-season spring cleanup. Among the Google products that won’t be supported anymore are:

1. Google Bookmarks Lists

2. Google Friend Connect

3. Google Gears

4. Google Search Timeline

5. Google Wave

6. Knol

7. Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE<C)

The goal is to make everything simpler so they are ending the services for the above mentioned products. Of the 7 listed, Google Friend Connect will surely have the greatest impact to bloggers and webmasters.

Google To Shutdown A Number of Products Including Google Friend Connect

Google To Shutdown A Number of Products Including Google Friend Connect

GFC has been part of most websites to keep the connection between people. Maybe, it is about time to give up GFC and connect with people through Google+.

Google+ was released six months ago and within that short span of time, it is already being used to measure sites ranking. It is being compared agains Facebook and Twitter but the +1 button has an edge, each plus one is good for rankings in Google search. Without doubt, Google+ is a major player in the field of social media.

Are you wondering if there are connections between google plus and search rankings? Here is a statement from Human Business Works President Chris Brogan during the BlogWorld Expo in L.A:

Google doesn’t index all of Facebook right now. It’s a lost cause for SEO, they’re also no longer indexing Twitter. Google does index anything publicly for Google+

Google has such advantages, I don’t see how they can’t be a success with Google+ … I’m amazed that people are so skeptical, especially those in the tech press.

With this, isn’t it about time to install Google+ plugin in your blogs?

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With continuous changes in Google’s search engine, SEO experts and webmasters have to deal with it. The new aspects of SEO can make or break their online business. Panda update and Google + will definitely play very important in recognizing your online presence.

Google Plus


Google Panda is screening every site and ranking them according to quality. The target are low-quality sites aimed to catch search engine but has poor content. Link farms, spun content, MFAs (made for adsense) and web scrapers are just some of them. Currently, some sites that are being hit by this update are eHow, Hubpages and Squidoo.

The release of Google+ does not aim to compete with Facebook. It is just another social networking site that can help users extend their networks. Online marketers can take advantage of its multiple features. The plus 1 button somehow acts as search engine scale. Aside from search bots, user can actually decide if the content is helpful and makes sense.

These changes do not nullify the importance of keywords. Hence, your SEO practices must remain intact when optimizing web pages. Keywords are still relevant when doing online searches only that it is no longer the sole determining factors when showing the search results.

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